Blueprint: A CSS Framework

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Great news for the CSS manics around the web! About 2 days ago the new version of Blueprint was released. Blueprint is a CSS "framework" that helps in designing CSS based layouts providing a grid, somethinglike a debuggin tool. The current release (Blueprint v0.3) covers the features listed below.

  1. An easily customizable grid
  2. Sensible typography
  3. A typographic baseline
  4. Perfected CSS reset
  5. A stylesheet for printing
  6. No bloat of any kind
Here is also the "to do" list:
  1. Support for PNG transparency in IE5.5+ (js)
  2. Relative font sizing everywhere
  3. Multiple versions with different grid customizations
  4. Liquid layout version
  5. Compressed versions of the files to reduce load times
As you may understand Blueprint is a very powerful CSS tool that may be useful for both professionals / experienced and novice web designers as it's pretty simple to use and can save you from some really tricky situations, allowing you to design / code with accuracy. The man behind Blueprint is this guy which probably you'd listened in the past. In order to get started follow this link to view a simple tutorial. Happy coding!

Project's homepage

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