Universe by Jonathan Harris

Saturday, August 04, 2007

If you read a couple of posts back you'll see love-lines.org and one of its creators Jonathan Harris. I looked over Jonathan Harris personal website and I discovered that the man is really a genius... Just take a look at his jobs and especially the latest on simply called "Universe". The "Universe" collects data, news and reports mostly, from daily life and represents them in an "astral" way... like those science maps back in high school. You may browse the daily updates, the weekly updates, monthly etc. You have quite many ways to choose in order to view the different parts of the "Universe". A short description taken by Jonathan's website may en light thing a little:

Universe is divided into nine "Stages", titled: Stars, Shapes, Secrets, Stories, Statements, Snapshots, Superstars, Settings, and Time. Stars presents a cryptic star field; Shapes causes constellation outlines to emerge; Secrets extracts the most salient single words and presents them to scale; Stories extracts the sagas and events; Statements extracts the things people said; Snapshots extracts images; Superstars extracts the people, places, companies, teams, and organizations; Settings shows geographical distribution; Time shows how the universe has evolved over hours, days, months, and years. In the top left corner is a search box, which can be used to specify the scope of the current universe. The scope can be as broad as "2007", as recent as "Today", as precise as "Vermont on August 27, 2006", or as open-ended as "War", "Climate Change" or "Happiness". The exact parameters of each universe are entirely up to the viewer, and unexpected paths unfold with exploration.

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