Experimental Flash: Japanese Flash Websites Part 1

Sunday, July 22, 2007

After a tiring day (don't ask me why :P ) I thought that searching for something interesting would make me feel less tired... but that didn't work! That of course didn't bother me at all in looking something nice and prototype. I remembered a year ago when I visited (by pure luck) the website of a Japanese guy (I can't remember his name :/ ) which demonstrated some really interesting ways of how could actionscript interact user's input (mouse and keyboard). I was so amazed because all these were created in 2003, as the date stated, which made them to look too advanced to my eyes for the time being... unfortunately I didn't bookmarked it and lost it, forgot it etc. So, today's keywords were "japan flash mouse action experimental". Pretty simple huh? I thought that making a 2-part post about the would be fine so here it is the first part!


Experimental Flash / Actionscript

Some animations produced by the movement of the mouse across the screen. You may choose up to five different versions to play with!
Creator / Author: Wildcard


Experimental Flash / Actionscript

The website of a Japanese cloth store. They made a special section about a specific collection of clothes in which you may preview which products (eg. a certain dress) can be combined with something else (eg. a pair of shoes)
Creator / Author: Uniclo


Experimental Flash / Actionscript: WOW10

Nope this isn't about the world of warcraft pc game! This is the web site of a Japanese creative studio that provides web design among others. They also created a project called 10yearclock.jp, a really 'wierd' project in which you just enter your name and you submit it to the database, and then you may see the date and time 10 years the date you entered your name... pretty useless unless there is something I don't get right! Anyway here is a screenshot:

Creator / Author: WOW10


This might be the most interesting website for the first part of my post about experimental Japanese Flash / Actionscript websites. The guy behind this website is the one that in 2004 created the newsmap (click thumb) project back in 2004. Look at the recent work list and check all of his projects one by one. My personal favorites are the one's listed below:

Creator / Author: Marumushi

That was the first part on interesting experimental flash websites. The second part will be posted tomorrow or the day after tomorrow... don't know yet. I know that some of these may be old and you may have already but I hadn't and I posted them here. Enjoy!

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