Experimental Flash: Mathieu Badimon's lab

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here is a quick one for you... Check out the lab of experimental actionscript of Mathieu Badimon. Mathieu Badimon is a French web designer / flash developer that makes advanced use of actionscript and the result is really astonishing! See the 7 applications of that Mathieu has made by using vector shapes and advanced actionscript. The most impressive in my opionion is the vector clock.. vectors come and go like minutes...

Experimental Flash / Actionscript Demos

Experimental Flash / Actionscript Demos

Mathieu is also responsible for FIVe3D initiative is an open source code for the conception of interactive vector-based 3D animations. It's classes are written in Actionsctip 2.0 and based upon Actionscript 3.0 structure. The FIVe3D system initiates a classic Actionscript 2.0 movie clip organizing and providing extra 3D functionnalities.

Experimental Flash / Actionscript: 3D Flash Interactive Vector-base 3D Library

Here are a couple of sites also created by Mathieu Badimon:

Publicite & Communication Responsables by Mathieu Badimon

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