Resources Vol.01: CSS

Thursday, July 19, 2007

CSS Goodies! I found some time ago some really helpful and ready to use out-of-the-box CSS menus based on unordered lists! You may download them and alter/boost them as you like! Take a look below to get an idea ;)

Below are some "oldies":
  1. sIFR Showcase: a gallery of sIFR examples
    By the creator of Developers Handbook
  2. CSS Edge
    CSS/Edge is intended, first and foremost, to be as relentlessly creative with CSS as we have been practical all these years.
  3. Web Browser Incompatibilities
    (Also check the links at the bottom of the page... you may find really useful resources and referencies)
  4. Content with Style: CSS is worthless
    An article about CSS a coupe of years ago... some intrested ideas and thinkings
  5. Styling Forms with CSS
'Till tomorrow... enjoy!

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