Spectra: MSNBC's Visualised Newsreader

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well does anyone remembers Marumushi's newsmap? All those who liked it are going to enjoy the following story as well. MSNBC a couple of months ago released a similar application valled "Spectra" (built on Papervision3D) that does about the same things as Maramushi's newsmap but with a different approach. It visualizes news in a more fancy way and also provides you a set of very nice features. To be more specific take a look at the feature list bellow:

  • Select msnbc.com topics from the news channel palette.
  • Your Channels manages active news topics.
  • Left, right or scrollbar flips through summaries and images.
  • Word Filter using search words or topic names.
  • Orbital Settings adjusts speeds and presentation order.
  • Auto Mode takes you on a 3D journey into the Orbital.
  • Use your webcam for human interaction.
Here is the description from the official Spectra website:
Spectra merges the news spectrum and the color spectrum into an expansive news viewing experience. With comprehensive live news coverage, striking design, complete customization, dynamic browsing, human body interaction and many other unique features, Spectra brings A Fuller Spectrum of News to life in our most immersive extension yet.

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